Vision Statement: Create and retain high tech jobs by accelerating the commercialization of emerging technologies through access to capital investment.

Mission statement: Retain and create jobs by accelerating the commercialization of emerging technologies leading to the creation of new businesses and new business product lines in existing business.

  • Leveraging displaced regional skill sets
  • Focusing on regional technology clusters – Bioscience, Research and Development, Defense & Homeland Security, Maritime, Energy & Environmental, and Creative Digital Technologies
  • Providing access to capital investments in the earliest pre-seed stages of development

Most important strengths and core competencies: TECHCONN fulfills a niche role providing a small amount of seed funding at a very early stage of product development, coupled with hands on technical and business support. The areas that TECHCONN has focused on that have been critical to its success include:

·         Focus: Focus on the critical area of unmet need – providing investment and technical assistance to displaced regional high tech professionals in developing new entrepreneurial businesses,

·        Partnering: Collaborating and networking with universities, industry, and government to fulfill this mission,

·      Leveraging: Leveraging private funds and contributions with state and federal funds to maximize the effectiveness of these funds,

·       Expertise: Utilizing the technical and business expertise of its board and staff in fulfilling the mission, and

·       Process: Continuously improving its project identification screening, and selection process and its collaboration process to optimize the return on its investment.


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