Do you have the knowledge, resources and personality to be an entrepreneur? What form should your business take? How do you take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a successful enterprise? Before starting your own business it is important to do some research, both of the marketplace and of yourself.  We recommend that you start with a self-assessment. 


Click here to find a guide to self-assessment from the Small Business Administration.


If entrepreneurship IS for you, you need not go it alone.  There are several national and local resources to assist you in additional research on starting a business, including determining the initial set up of your business: whether to start from scratch, to buy a franchise, or to buy an existing business.  Start with one, or more, of the web sites listed below to begin the process of entrepreneurship in Connecticut.  You should also check with CT's "Smart Start" site to learn about the process of entrepreneurship in CT.


Business.gov is a Federal Government web site the mission of which is to help small businesses understand their legal requirements, and locate government services supporting the nation’s small business community.  This is a great place to find information on permitting, insurance and tax laws, employment law and much more. 




The Small Business Administration

The SBA's Small Business Planner, has a wealth of information for entrepreneurs with checklists, helpful tips, links to government resources, and to On-line courses, some of which are free. Begin your planning on their “Get Ready” page.  Click on the "Checklist for Starting Your Business" as a first step.




If you are interested in buying a Franchise Business, there are several sites you may visit for information on available franchises as well as the franchise process:




If you are interested in buying an existing business, read the SBA's suggestions and remember that when buying a business it is important to have legal and accounting advise before closing the deal!  Check out some existing small businesses that are currently on the market in Southeastern CT here.






Once you have done your preliminary work on starting a business, you may find it is time to get personal advise and assistance.  The following local sources are available for guidance.



 The Service Corp of Retired Executives who are the “Counselors to America's Small Business” offer free, confidential business advise to entrepreneurs.


Three Rivers Community College

Three Rivers announced the inauguration in January 2009 of a new "Small Business Center," which offers an Entrepreneurial Studies Program.  The center will offer services both to new entrepreneurs and to existing small businesses.  A degree program is offered as well as a certificate program.  In addition all courses may be taken independently for entrepreneurs and businesses needed to hone their skills.  Visit the College web site for complete details.  Continuing education courses will be posted on our  Calendar page.