There are various legal issues with which you should have some familiarity when starting your own business. An attorney can assist you in filing corporate paperwork for instance or on contracts with customers or suppliers. In addition there may be copyright, trademark or patent issues involved in your enterprise; it is useful to have a grasp of labor, environment, consumer and tax laws in your state; or you may need licenses and permits to operate.


The following web sites will provide you with information on legal issues and on finding an attorney. Click on any link to go to the site.


  • is the Official Business link to the U.S. Government. This page link outlines legal issues and assistance.




Business insurance is a necessity, no matter what type of business you are in.  There are many types of insurance, including worker's compensation, general and product liability, and business interruption insurance to name a few. 


The following web sites will provide you with information that you need on insuring your business and yourself as a small business owner. 


The SBA is a good resource for information on business insurance.


Your local Chambers of Commerce, and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) will also be able to assist you with insurance, particularly relating to employee benefits and Workman's Compensation.  Visit our "Partners" page for links to Chambers of Commerce in the area.