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November 1, 2018 |

The Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) has announced that the Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative (MPI) will now expand to include high schools. The new program will be called the Youth Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative (YMPI). The YMPI will offer the same program elements as the MPI, such as the skills training classes. The target individual of the YMPI will be high school seniors intent on entering a career pathway instead of college upon graduation. Last summer, a YMPI pilot program was launched via a partnership with Norwich Free Academy in which 100% of the program enrollees received a job offer after successfully completing the skills training classes. The success of the pilot has resulted in plans to expand the YMPI program to more schools in the region and state. The MPI has gained national recognition and has resulted in more than 1,100 job placements since 2016 to support the region’s adult unemployed and underemployed populations. Approximately 78% of the job placements have been individuals who had no formal manufacturing experience prior to the joining the MPI program. The MPI is a workforce development program created and managed by the EWIB in concert with 27 other state and regional stakeholders (employers, organized labor, colleges, high schools, economic development and others). The program raises the baseline of our labor force’s competencies to align with skills that are in-demand by manufacturers. The core element of the MPI is high-rigor skills training classes with curriculum designed by employers in trades such as welding, machining, electrical and design. High schools interested in learning more about the YMPI program can contact EWIB via the address information@ewib.org.