“This is a game-changer. The seCTerRISE grant is generous funding to help a small business make some big strides. I really needed to update my website and fix some things since that’s the core of my business and it’s how customers and farmers connect. Now I can contract a web developer to make upgrades that will make it easier for customers to navigate the site and for farmers to update their inventories and manage orders. I work with more than 30 farms in Connecticut so if I can grow it will help them too – and maybe I can hire a web developer eventually!”

– Rosemary Ostfeld, Owner, Sustainable Planet LLC, dba Healthy PlanEat

“We’ve reached capacity for production and distribution now that we’re a year into it. We wanted to move into different channels for distribution to grow. We were distributing the kombucha in kegs and bottles but to get into more restaurants and into grocery stores we needed to be able to can it. So this seCTerRISE grant is allowing us to purchase equipment for packaging and more equipment for production. Now we can do more B to B and distribute far wider than before.”

– David Brannan, Founder/Head Brewer, 860Kombucha